David McDonald

David McDonald | DMD Real Estate

Real Estate Specialist

Say hello to David McDonald. This established agent has served the greater Seattle community for more than four years and has made his impact by being a premiere lender to both residential and commercial clients. "We help you when others say they can't," is a slogan that he lives by and for which he has received numerous awards in customer service and lending in Seattle's prime neighboring metropolitan cities.

David makes himself available to his clients at all times and dedicates his time to his real estate business. With his involvement in continuous training and over 50+ years of team experience in his corner, this savvy broker finds the way to get it done. A background in Information Technology (IT) and marketing ensures clients get a full, professional, organized and refreshing experience with David. He incorporates technology into his business and shows a new way to introduce your home, land or business to the local and international markets. He compliments his services with in person meetings and constant communication that ensures healthy business relationships.

Taking a step past competitors, David shows his brilliance by delivering on time and providing clients with strong partners to help facilitate a seamless transfer of Real Estate. 

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